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Certus spedition s.r.o.

IČO: 64827178
DIČ: CZ 64827178
Společnost je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku oddíl C, vložka 8974 vedeného Krajským soudem v Hradci Králové.

Certus Spedition / About the Firm

The year 1995 was the year of our incorporation. Certus spedition s.r.o. was founded by Mr. Vít Zavřel and Mr. Robert Hron, who started conducting business in the field of international lorry transport. The offices opposite the swimming pool in Pardubice became the registered office of the firm. With the gradual expansion and growth of the firm, a larger space was needed and therefore Certus spedition s.r.o. moved for the first time to its own premises in Staré Hradiště in 2001. Our further growth resulted in a need for larger premises again and therefore in 2004, we moved to the building of a former school in the municipality of Choteč near Pardubice. In the same year, we gained the TÜV Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, which we have been able to successfully retain each year. The year 2006 saw the expansion of the firm's activities into the field of restoration and reconstruction of football fields. This branch has been increasing the volume of its work annually. In the field of lorry transport, the fleet has been modernized over the years. On average, it comprises 30 tilt Volvo, Man, Scania and Daf vehicles, from lorries to smaller vehicles and vans so that it is able to meet customer requirements. In 2010, the firm moved once again. These days, we are based in Dolní Roveň in the reconstructed premises of a former collective farm. In addition to the offices, storage and parking spaces and our own fuel filling station are available there.